Shopping Ban?

Over the past couple on months, I’ve been feeling very guilty about my money situation. Actually, I always feel guilty about my money situation, but this time it’s been a prolonged feeling of guilt and it’s getting in the way of me being able to live my life.

Truthfully? I have £1,000’s on pounds worth of debt. It’s crippling and I hate it. However, a mixture of making some very poor choices when my mental health was far from its finest and having zero pounds to my name, meant that I took out a loan and have been crippled every month with the money I have to pay out of my pay check.

Without the debt that I have to pay off, I’d be a pretty well off person. With it? I can barely make it pay check to pay check after I’ve paid all my bills. In between, I try and live my life, but it means that any money I try to put away for savings ends up being spent.

It’s an awful, vicious cycle and, more than anything, I wish it was different. I work SO hard for my money and, most of the time, I don’t feel like I’ve got much to show for it (even if that’s not explicitly true).

So, I’ve been thinking about a spending ban.

Crazy, I know. But, hear me out.

Cait Flanders (an, AWESOME blogger who I’ve been following since way back in her Blonde on a Budget days) was in a similar situation to me. She hated the material life that she had created and also had debts that she had to pay off so, she set herself a challenge – a year long spending ban (which soon turned into two years). Eventually, she paid off all her debts, as well as making herself a much better life that she loves and would never change.

She has loads of posts about her ban. From shopping list of things she’s allowed to buy, to what she’s bought each month and the ultimate shopping ban guide. It’s pretty damn inspiring. 

So, a question….

Have you ever been on a shopping ban? Would you recommend it? If you’ve never done one, would you? Do you think you could cope? Essentially, I’m looking for any information, thoughts and recommendations about shopping bans and whether or not to do it. Hit.Me.Up. (And if you want to know more, definitely hit up Cait too. She’s so damn inspiring and, you never know, maybe you’ll start considering it just like me.)

If I was to go ahead, the main goal would be to get some savings behind me. I’m fed up of living pay check to pay check and praying that I have no unexpected expenses coming my way. It brings me so much anxiety and I’ve kind of had enough. I want to gain control of it all – I’m just not sure I can do it….

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  • Rosierockets

    You can definitely do it, and this is coming from a bona fide shopaholic! I go on bans all the time and actually have just started one the 1st of April. I do them for a number of reasons but mainly to curb my crazy spending habits. After a while it becomes second nature and you get a thrill from seeing your savings slowly build up.
    Good luck Sarah! xo

  • I’m relatively good with money. I’ve done a few but I think my biggest tip is to spend money on experiences, rather than materialistic things! It completely changed my perspective anyway as I found that buying material things didn’t have a long-standing happiness boost, but meeting with friends or investing in a crochet making class does. If I make it focus around people, it will be more expensive for those things in short doses, but I really don’t feel a need to own or buy things much any more if that makes sense. I’m currently aiming to eliminate my morning pret or cafe nero coffees on the way to work haha.

    Good luck!


  • You can do this!! I’ve become almost a minimalist over the last 5 years or so. I spend little on clothes (maybe a new item every 3 or 4 months at best, and often from the thrift store), and way less than I used to on things that are simply unnecessary. I’ve cut back my spending on books, dye my own hair, and eat cheaply (but well). I don’t drink or smoke, and have never bought a take-away coffee (don’t drink it), so I’m lucky there! I agree with Eleanor below that experiences are so much more worthwhile. I don’t feel as though I miss out though… I feel like I have space in my life and my home, which in its own way feels luxurious and rich. Experiences can cost almost nothing, but saving my pennies also allows me to spend on the odd experience that costs more like a concert or trip somewhere. Once you have your debts demolished, you won’t know yourself!!! Good luck with it all. (: