The 2017 Reading Challenge

For me, reading is the one thing I can do to take my mind off everything. It transports me to a place far away from reality and pulls at every single emotion imaginable. There is nothing I love more than getting lost in a book; in a world that’s not my own. Maybe it’s because I don’t think much of my reality or maybe it’s just because I can connect to the characters I read about, living vicariously through them, I’m not sure. What I do know is, I’ll never fall out of love with reading.

To me, reading just doesn’t transport me to another life, it has lots of physical benefits too. I sleep better, stress less and, in general, become a much less irritable person.In the past couple of years I’ve read barely anything, always finding excuses to not read or going for the lazier option of doing nothing. Well, no more my friends – I need reading back in my life, fast. Basically, I need to stop swapping reading my book for watching Netflix and I’ll probably become much healthier than I already am.

So, I set myself a challenge – a challenge to get my read back on. I always use Goodreads to check ratings of books and, when it asked me if I wanted to set a 2017 reading goal, I decided to go for it.

40 books in 52 weeks.

Seem easy… I think (I know it won’t be).

The problem is, I fluctuate so much. Some weeks I can read a book a day, others you can see the dust collecting on the shelf – I never just even out and it’s very infuriating.

No one likes failing, least of all me and, therefore, I’m hoping that by creating the challenge, and writing about it here, I might actually get somewhere close to making it. If all else fails, I’m relying on the guilt to keep me going, cuz, man, I’ll be so tough on myself if I give up next month!

I’m hoping to post about the books I read, whether that be full blog post reviews, or a bulk post with my thoughts about the books I read in specific months. I love reading posts about books and getting opinions about them before I start reading them myself – something which I hope you’ll enjoy reading here too.

And, just incase you’re interested, you can follow my journey by clicking here and heading over to my Goodreads 2017 Challenge page. You’ll be able to see all the books I’ve read, if I’ve reviewed them and, if you fancy, even become my Goodreads friend – whatever one of those is!

At this point I feel I need to make a full disclosure: as a primary school teacher, I read a lot of books and, to be honest, I’m going to include these too. I enjoy reading children’s fiction, especially out loud to my class and there’s no reason they shouldn’t count. I’m not going to count the flimsy picture books, but I am going to count novels over 150 pages.

What’s on your to be read pile?

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