christmas v.2.0.

Okay, so, since making my come back, I’ve been pretty AWOL from the blogging world. Work has been very busy (children seem to go extra crazy at this time of the year!) and, if I’m completely honest, I’ve been spending any spare time I’ve had in a constant sway between napping, binge watching Netflix and having all the lols with those nearest and dearest to me.

If I’m honest, Christmas has to be one of my least favourite times of the year – I’m not just being a Scrooge, I promise! I guess as a kid it wasn’t massively celebrated and, if I’m completely honest, I hate the obligations and reasonings attached being ‘because it’s Christmas’.

That being said, over the past couple of years, I’ve got into a cracking routine with what I see as the ‘perfect Christmas’, it’s just usually over and done with by the time the 25th December comes a’knocking.

There’s the traditional Christmas party at the flat with my housemate and our most loved friends, as well as the addition of a traditional quiz at school (the most anticipated event of the year), several, quite drunken, nights out with work friends and people I actually care about. To be quite honest, the weekend of our Christmas flat party is my favourite, probably out of most weekends in the year, and usually ends with dancing on chairs, questionable games of Articulate and bloody good company. Neither myself or my housemate have great relationships with the idea of spending Christmas in family homes, so it’s nice that we can do it the way we want to too.

So, I give you some photo evidence of Christmas version 2.0.

Hope you all had a good one!

p.s. I took way more photos last year – it kinda makes me sad how little photo proof there is right now!

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