why i returned to blogging

I adore blogging – but I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it. Over the past three years, I’ve blogged every day, blogging sporadically, had different blogs, taken blogging breaks and given up several times. But, no matter how many times I’ve given it up, I’ve always come back with my tail between my legs, craving the community and missing my ‘safe place’ to write.

Don’t get me wrong, I might be starting a-fresh with this blog, but I loved the spaces I created in the past – they’re just not for me right now. They were ‘safe places’ that I could get my feelings out during my dark times, instantly making me feel a little better about where I was in my life.

Since I’m no longer in that place, they’re sort of redundant, meaning I fell out of love (again) with blogging and it meant the dark cloud I’d worked so hard to get out off my life in my personal life, hadn’t left my online life.

However, I didn’t just miss having somewhere to go and get my thoughts out on paper, I missed the blogging community too.

Over the years, I’ve made many friends through blogging and, as cliche as it makes me sound, I wouldn’t be quite the same person I am now if I hadn’t of had it during my low points.

And, that’s the thing about the blogging community.  It will be there for you when you’re going through the good, but also when you’re going through the shit. No judging, no questioning – just absolute love and support.

And, I guess that’s what I missed the most.

I didn’t just miss having somewhere to write; a way of collecting my journey. I missed the community of online friends that I’d made and the daily laughs that I could have with people I’d never met before.

So, after giving up my last blog w-a-y back in the early summer, returning has constantly been on my mind – I just knew it couldn’t be somewhere I’d blogged during my darkest days. It had to be a new place, to go with my new start; somewhere the past wouldn’t be able to follow me.

Thankfully, thanks to my great pal Sam, From Exquisite Perspectives was born – a place that I could do all the things I’d loved in the past, just without the black cloud.

Sure, I will probably go back to blogging sporadically, having hiatuses and getting frustrated at my lack of motivation, but that’s okay. It’s okay because, deep down, I know I love doing it and, no matter what happens, blogging will always have a piece of my heart.

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